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Tablature from a recording.

 Providing you a tablature transcription of the instrumental playing heard on a recording.
The vast majority of orders are for this
Custom Transcribing" service. 

Don't have a recording? 

Or, you may need a solo (or backup) for a
song where there is no recording. Or, there
is none on the recording.  This "Custom
Composing & Arranging" service is probably
the second most requested service.

Maybe we already have it!
The A.C.T. Tablature List has over 800
songs already in tablature.

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                               . . . PRINTED TAB! . . .  on Transcribing orders


1. Custom Transcribing
    Tablature for any song from any recording.
2. Custom Arranging
    Solos created to your specifications.
3. Chord Charts
    Chords to a particular song.
4. A.C.T. Tablature List
    Over 600 banjo solos already transcribed.
5. Tablature Recording
    Tab converted to audio so you can hear it.

 Other Services Available Upon Request

1.  Tab Recording
2.  Rush Service
3.  Printed Tab  now free! 
4.  TablEdit File  now free! 

5.  Lyrics with Tab

1. Custom Transcribing  

Tablature can be provided for any song from any recording. Solos or backup (if backup can be heard clearly enough). This service is available for banjo, *guitar, mandolin, and bass (electric or upright). 

*guitar - acoustic flatpicking preferred
            - some fingerpicking accepted (send recording)
            - some electric guitar accepted (send recording)

  4. A.C.T. Tablature List  

FREE list of over 800 banjo solos already transcribed.  These are sold at much lower prices than the custom transcribing rate. All styles and playing levels are represented here by many of your favorite players. Click below to view this list. This should launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and load as PDF files. If they do not load properly, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this free program below.  Click here to view the ACT TabList.


UPG1. Tablature Recording (2 options)

a. Recorded Instrument - Tab is played (on the desired instrument) and recorded as an MP3 file so you can hear how it should sound.  The tab will played through at two speeds for ease of learning.  This service can be especially helpful when ordering Custom Composing. (Service no. 2 above) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE -

 now free as an upgrade to a transcribing or composing order! b. MIDI audio file - This audio file of your tab consists of computer generate tones that simulate instrument sound. Your tab is entered note-by-note into "TablEdit", a special computer program that can play the tab back at any speed and create a MIDI file of the playback. This file can be played on "Windows Media Player" through your computer speakers, as well as other computer programs. With "Windows Media Player", you can usually vary the playback speed of your MIDI file so you can hear it (and play along, if you like) at different speeds. Although the tone will not sound exactly like a real instrument, the notes are 100% correct in pitch and timing.  Most customers say it works very well for them.
(Note: Pricing for both Tab Recording options differs depending on whether it is an
upgrade to a transcribing or composing order  -- or --  an order strictly for Tab Recording - see service 5 above.)

 NEW!  "MIDI audio file" is now a
FREE upgrade.


  2. Custom Arranging 

A solo or backup can be created to your specifications and written out for any song you send. The song may already have a solo or backup, but you may want something different that suits you. Or, there may not be a solo on the instrument you desire. 

Or, the original recording may not contain any solo or backup at all. Especially in the latter case, you may want to take advantage of "Tablature Recording" (Upgrade Option 1. below) so you can hear exactly how the tablature should sound. 

Please describe in detail the type of solo or backup you prefer.  (Examples: 1. simple beginner 2. advanced  3. lots of flashy licks 4. basic, emphasizing melody, etc.)  If you want to send a sample of tablature with characteristics similar to the one you are wanting composed, that can be helpful.

A D E                O P T

UPG2. Rush Service

Your order will be sent to you in 1 week or less from confirmation order confirmation. "Confirmation" means the point at which all questions about your order have cleared up and work on the order can begin. Your tablature will be sent by email within 1 week of that point. If, for any reason, you tab should fail to be sent during the promised time frame, your cost would drop to the regular rate. 

Orders at the regular rate are processed as timely as possible. Turnaround time is normally from 2 to 3 weeks.

UPG5. Lyrics with Tab

Especially helpful with Custom Arranging orders, lyrics are entered underneath the tablature. Each word (or syllable) is lined up directly under the note that represents it, giving you a better idea of where the melody notes lie among the fill notes. This can make the arrangement much easier to learn, especially if you have no recording to go by.




3. Chord Charts

If you only need the chords to a particular song or passage, these can be written out for you.  Chord charts can be in created in two different formats: 1) chord letter names, or 2)"Nashville Number System".  Click here to see examples of chord charts.

5. Tablature Recording

Any tab you send is recorded as an audio file for you so you can hear how the tab should sound.  There are two types of audio files available.
a.  Tab is played on the desired instrument and recorded as an MP3 file.
b.  MIDI audio file of your tab is created consisting of computer generate tones that simulate instrument sound.  
There are advantages to both. See Upgrade Option 1 below for more details.


UPG3. Printed Tab  now free! 

Your tab is entered note-by-note into "TablEdit", a special computer program that displays a very professional, publishing quality version of your tablature that can be viewed clearly on your computer and can easily be printed out. Click here for more information about this option.
NEW!  "Printed Tab" is now a FREE upgrade.

UPG4. TablEdit File  now free! 

Your tab is entered into "TablEdit", a computer program that offers printing and MIDI tools as well as the ability to edit the tablature in many different ways. This creates a TablEdit (.tef) file. NOTE: You must have "TablEdit" installed on your computer to access full editing capabilities for this file.  However, a free version of TablEdit ("TEFView") is available for free download on the Internet.  This program is basically for viewing tablature, although you can play the tab as a MIDI and print it.
NEW!  "TablEdit File" is now a FREE upgrade.
 For more info on "TablEdit" and "TEFView" software, visit the TablEdit site.