A.C.T. Customers,
ACT has reduced the number and types of services offered. This change applies to certain types of orders that are the most time consuming.

Basically, the less time consuming orders are accepted - in other words, the types of orders orders can be reliably completed in a timely manner.

These guidelines apply to specific instruments and musical styles.

                                             ORDERS ACCEPTED

              Instrument                        Playing style                  Music Style
          1.  5-string banjo                 3 finger                          any
          2.  Acoustic guitar               FLATpicking                 bluegrass & country
          3.  Mandolin                        FLATpicking                 bluegrass & country
          4.  Bass (upright or electric)     ---                              bluegrass & country


               Instrument                         Playing style              Music Style
           1.  Acoustic guitar           FINGERpicking                 any
           2.  Electric guitar                     all                               any
           3.  Fiddle/Violin                        all
           4.  Bass                                      ---                        rock, pop, etc.
(most electric styles besides Country)

                                  CURRENT TRANSCRIBING PRICES

                         Standard Transcribing   =  $2.00 per measure
                         *Level 2 Transcribing    =  $3.00 per measure

 * Level 2 Transcribing
Even within the acceptable types of orders, there still can be those that are more time-consuming than others. Level 2 applies only to the most time-consuming transcription orders.
 Banjo - jazz, chord melody, Bela Fleck, tunings other than '
Open G', etc.
 Guitar - fingerpicking as opposed to flatpicking
Exceptions are made occasionally when a particular order fits the acceptability guidelines even though it is listed above as Not Acceptable.
Electric guitar - solos consisting of single notes (similar to acoustic guitar flatpicking) without frequent string bends or excessive effects (distortion, flanging, etc.)

If you have a recording and you are unsure if it is acceptable, you are welcome to send it and I will let you know.
Steve Garner
Accurate Custom Tablature
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